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A Colusa Superior Court jury believed Cathy I. Mendoza was only defending herself when she shot and killed Jose Villarruel Guadalupe Saavedra on Aug. 30. After deliberating less than three hours, the eight-man, four-woman jury, handed down their decision that Mendoza was “not guilty” of second-degree murder, but “guilty” of using a short-barreled shotgun.Judge John H. Tiernan set June 17 for sentencing. Several of her friends and family breathed a large and loud collective sigh of relief after the verdict was read.“Thank the Lord,” Mendoza exclaimed, following the verdict. Acting on her attorney’s advice, Mendoza declined to comment.


ORLAND — A Hamilton City man facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an alleged machete attack had his case dismissed Wednesday in Glenn County Superior Court.

Scott Charles Verry, 21, was arrested March 4 after he allegedly attacked a lifelong friend with a machete at a home on County Road 16.

Verry was represented in his hearing Wednesday by attorney Albert Smith, who took over from attorney David Nelson, after it was discovered Nelson had previously represented people involved in the case.


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1.  A father came to us to find his daughter and fight for her return after she had been snuck across the border and raised to believe that her grandparents were in fact her parents. I defeated a false claim of sexual abuse and reunited the father with his child. Now, he can start the difficult process of reestablishing a relationship with her.

2.  A man came to us after he was falsely accused of domestic violence and economic violence (withholding resources from your spouse). We visited the scene and recreated the events. At the hearing she was forced to dismiss the case against him.

3.  A mother came to us when she believed her daughter had been abused. We secured a stay away order that kept the offender from seeing his child. 

1.  After being pulled over by law enforcement our client made incriminating statements regarding the cash found in his vehicle. We fought the asset seizure and returned over $14,000 to our client.

1.  Felony Charge of Assault On A Peace Officer reduced to a misdemeanor and only community service after arguing off duty cop was not easily recognizable as a law enforcement officer. (People vs. Doe)

2.  Two felony charges of P.C. 69 dismissed at Preliminary Hearing after showing that the officer was not threatened and the defendants actions that night were not violent. (People vs. Nares) 

Dismissal of 6 year felony count of child endangerment. (People vs. Rothergy) 

3.  Dismissal of felony count of grand theft at preliminary hearing. (People vs. Moore)

4.  Dismissal of prior DUI after pointing out DA's failure to prove the priors. (People vs. Ceja)

​5.  Dismissal of felony strike charge of stalking and threatening a witness and resisting arrest at preliminary hearing (People vs. Venegas) 

6.  Dismissal of Felony criminal threats a strike offense (People vs. Robinson) 

7.  We were able to get a charge of 245(a)4 (assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury) and 243(e)(1) (spousal battery) dismissed because of our aggressive cross examination of the states witness (People vs. Sanchez) 

8.  We were able to get an attempted burglary charge dismissed after proving to the court that the district attorney could not prove their case. (People vs. Vongvilayphong) 

​9.  At the preliminary hearing we were able to get a felony count of penal code section 69, resisting arrest a felony dismissed because the prosecution was unable to prove the charge.(People vs. Ross) 

10.  We were able to get three counts of felony assault on an officer and one count of child endangerment a felony dismissed at the preliminary hearing by showing the people could not prove their case. (People vs. Verry) 

11.  A count of 422 of the Penal Code a "Strike" charge dismissed at the preliminary hearing. (People vs. Jones) 

12.  At the preliminary hearing our cross examination of the officer and argument at the close of evidence resulted in Dismissal of the sole felony charge of Possession of Marijuana for Sales. (People vs. Croff) 

​13.  Dismissal Felony Charge of Stalking and dismissal of 10 counts of disobeying a court order. (People vs. Terwilleger)

14.  People vs. Antoine Acquittal on charge of conspiracy, factual finding of innocence on remaining charges at court trial

15.  (People vs. La Chapelle) Acquittal on charge of drug sales charges 

16.  (People vs. Mcpherson) Jury Trial Acquittal on charges of child molestation 

17.  (People vs. Alejo) hung jury on charges of driving while under the influence.

18.  (People vs. Mendoza) Acquittal on charge of Murder.





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